She Wants to Change the World

Posted by Shauna | Posted in change, ecology, poetry, writing | Posted on 19-04-2015


She’s been watching as the people go by. She’s been asking questions trying to find out why. She’s been walking slowly, taking in all that comes when something dies, so she decides to go out in the world and give it a try.

She wants to help others.

She wants to be the change, as she reads quotes of Ghandhi and feels the worlds pain.

But, she doesn’t know real pain. She only knows what relativity has succeeded in creating. These are the neural connections that exist in her brain.

She wants to understand the world, but she’s scared to succumb to her own name. The vanity that sweeps across a world that connection no longer tames.

The waves of energy, the beauty that exists in mountains, rivers, landscapes, and animals. These are what move her.

Tears drop when she sees pain; her moral conscious is what gives her a feeling of change.

And so…

she wants to change the world, but she doesn’t realize that what she’s participating in, is exactly what’s destroying it.

On Being Sick

Posted by Shauna | Posted in health, poetry, wellness | Posted on 03-04-2015


The whole idea of it makes me feel like I am giving up.
Life has succumb to a sofa, that’s wassup’.
A sofa bed and me.

I’m warm, I’m hot, my head’s in a knot.
I can’t seem to move my body with thought.
Walking, I feel distraught.

The whole idea of it makes me feel like I’m wasting my time.
Less like a superhero, and more like slime.
Why can’t I get up?

I’m sniffly, sneezy, I ache, yet I can rhyme.
I’m just laying here on my sofa, with nothing but time,
drinking boiled water with garlic and thyme.

The whole idea of it makes me want to get up and dance.
I stand up, I sit down, take my hula and do a little prance.
But there’s no chance.

I’m sick

What’s going to be my next fix?
Dayquil, Nyquil, what’s in the mix?

I reach for my computer … there’s Netflix.

Starting from scratch… learning to explore

Posted by Shauna | Posted in happiness, learning, teaching | Posted on 02-04-2015


I have started writing on this blog many times before. Mostly, well thought out and over analysed ideas about my growing perceptions of the world.

Twas’ my early 20’s, and in retrospect I knew very little about the world. Yet, when I think back to what I wrote, my musings involved a core commonality to many of the more informed ways in which I perceive the world today. Call them values, beliefs, feelings, intuition, learning style, or whatever conceptual way in which one might wish to explore a sense of inner purpose, I’m still me… but with a greater depth of experience. I’ve done my fair share of globe trotting in South-east Asia, work in a highly competitive, exhausting, and paradoxically regenerating industry.

I am an educationalist, and as much as I aspire to not attach a preconception of who I am to my avatar and name, it an enormous part of who I am. Teaching has helped me to understand what lies between strength, endurance, advocacy, and the limits of one’s mind. It has helped me to explore my self, while engaging and inspiring dreams of others. Mostly, it has taught me that learning is a life-long process, and that each day, year, or decade does not define what we are capable of learning. Our explorations are limitless, if we attach no limit to them. What our mind seeks to explore can be exactly what we give meaning to.

So, I give meaning to this.